William Thomson, Independent Scot

The bright pink signs sprinkled across the city were incongruous splashes of colour on the morning after the independence referendum. In unison, from hotel lobbies, buildings, buses and railway stations the cities motto read “People Make Glasgow” The referendum showed that people can break things as well as make them.

On Thursday the 18th September 2014 Glasgow stood up and bellowed “yes!” to independence for Scotland. Its wish and desire echoed only by the city of Dundee, West Dumbartonshire and North Lanarkshire. 28 consistencies mumbled “no”. A resounding win for the Union but with 53% in favour of independence they lost Glasgow, Scotland’s biggest city: the powerhouse of the west of the country.

As a Glaswegian it is from here where I look at the referendum result and start to ponder what’s next for me, my family, the people of this city, this country, this land mass (the UK) and the many other regions across the world looking to pull power closer to their citizens.

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