The YES movement working together

The YES movement working together. It does happen!

The YES movement is as broad and deep as Loch Ness.  This is its power but it can also be its weakness.

Over the last (insert time period when you first thought “hold on a minute, aren’t we all supposed to be on the same side?”) I will go for “wee while”, we have seen many figures and organisations in the movement bash up against one and another.

All too often in the gaze of Twitter, but thankfully not too often, in the full light of the general public.

But as the year draws to a close I want to highlight what the movement can achieve when it works together.

The IndyREPLAY#1

On the 30th and 31st of December, Independence Live will run a two-day virtual event showing twelve hours of brilliant content: IndyREPLAY#1

Four organisations (and one super productive person) have donated content for the event:

  • AUOB
  • Believe in Scotland
  • Phantom Power
  • the Scottish Currency Group and
  • Voices for Scotland

You may have heard about it via the National.

All of those organisations have donated the content for free with all the proceeds going to two Scottish Charities that invest in Scotland’s future: Tiny Changes and the Rock Trust.

So far the indy movement has donated over £800 for those two charities.

The Good Guys

Of course, we have to look way beyond a newspaper, four organisations and a Phantom Power to REALLY see who is behind this.

It is politicians. Campaigners. Singers. Songwriters. Poets. Authors. Journalists: everyone who makes this movement so powerful. There is a wealth of content befitting a wealth of talent in the movement.


The more people who attend the more impact we have. We can:

  1. Show a great example of the movement working together (even if it is just to those on Scottish Twitter)
  2. Put some great content in front of YESers and soon to be YESers (or as others call them “current no voters”)
  3. Raise £1000s for Tiny Changes and the Rock Trust.

The two cheques will read “From the independence movement”

Hopefully, you can tell how united the movement is by how many people will retweet this post AND join the IndyREPLAY#1

 Thanks so much to AUOB, Believe in Scotland, Phantom Power, the Scottish Currency Group and Voices for Scotland.

Digital Natives

Independence Live and Gallus Events partner to increase multi-media and digital support for independence campaigners and independence organisations.


We all know how valuable an asset Independence Live has been since 2014.

If there is a more tireless, selfless, dedicated campaigner for Scottish independence than Kevin Gibney, then I am yet to meet them.

So I am delighted that my small team at Gallus Events will be working more closely with Kevin and his team of volunteers.

Kevin and I have two shared goals: to help turn Sottish natives into digital ones and to achieve Scottish independence.

And we both believe these are goals are closely aligned, in fact, they are inseparable.

Into 2021

Independence Live will continue to offer support to citizen live-streamers, as well as their prodigious work with Indy Live Radio and the WhatsOnGuide.

The digital output from Independence Live will be beefed up in 2021, especially in offering training and support in multi-media to campaigners and organisations in support of Scottish independence.

We will be running virtual events for independence supporting organisations, as well as taking advantage of our skills, to run our own events to further our two aligned goals.

  1. To help turn Sottish natives into digital ones
  2. To achieve Scottish independence

We are all aware of the support that Independence Live have given the movement for years. It has been amazing and the Gallus Events team strive to have as much of a positive impact.

Since September Gallus Events have supported:

  • AUOB Assembly
  • Believe In Scotland
  • Phantom Power
  • The Scottish Currency Group and
  • Voices for Scotland

In part, to plan, produce and execute virtual events.

With the support of Independence Live, we will continue to offer that support.

Totally Gallus Events and Independence Live

Next year we will run our own virtual events:

“Brought to you by Totally Gallus Events and Independence Live. All funds raised will support the multi-media campaign for Scottish Independence”

As 2021 develops we will share more of our plans and details of how we will be actively supporting the independence campaign. This is a not for profit venture and our accounts will be open and available to the movement.

Look out for our first event launching this week!!!!!!

Finally, the movement has moved

If it is a choice between imperfection and inaction: I will take the former every time!


At the start of the year, I wrote this post, after another article about some kind of a new YES body.

The article in The National stated: “Leading independence campaigners back new Yes Scotland group” 

And guess what. Nothing happened. Another false start.

Since January (and to be frank well before that) the idea has been blown about the movement, from pillar to post. From one place to the next.

A good idea, with a lot of support, including cross-party support.

Something that we pretty much all agree on. The YES movement needs some more structured support. We need a movement that is grassroots led. Let’s do it!!!!!!

Almost everyone agrees on this.

But what seems to have even more consensus, is that we should leave it to someone else.

Well, that ended in November when AUOB took up the challenge. They actually did something.

Something bold, brash, and gallus; something that every single one of the AUOB team knew they would get pelters for: they acted. 

Raising your head and your hand in many movements paints a target on your back. But they did it.

An assembly created online

The AUOB committee knew that if they wanted to create a body for the YES movement during COVID times, they would need to come out of the comfort zone.

So here we have a group of campaigners doing something that they KNEW they would take flack for, and also doing it in an environment that they weren’t comfortable with. 

These are street campaigners, not digital natives. But they knew that this had to be an online event: the platform was a virtual one, not one constructed out of wood and bricks.

So for some support, they approached the founder of the Virtual Events Campus and one of the leading authorities on virtual events to ask them to help. And I did.

In the same way, I have helped the National Yes Registry, Believe In Scotland, Voices for Scotland, Scottish CND and The Scottish Currency Group. I helped them to run an online event. 

And within a couple of weeks, AUOB organised an online event that had the declared aim of doing something. Not talking about it. Not writing about it. But doing something about it. 

A few weeks later a 15 person committee had been elected. Its task is to set up a national YES body. 

Once this is done, the individuals will, we assume, then resign, and seek reelection (or not) to positions on the new organisation.  

This is action. 

This is what we need to do. 

It is something that so many people in the movement have shied away from. 

AUOB put their shoulder to the wheel to get things going and those 15 committee members will graft away over the coming months to create something that will help us win independence. 

Finally, the movement, as a whole, is moving.

Imperfection or inaction? 

AUOB decided to move at speed to set this up. And in doing so they did a lot of difficult things very quickly. 

As someone who has set up several departments in big organisations, created several small businesses, and organised many events at short notice, you know you make a trade-off when you move at pace.

But with a BREXIT cliff edge approaching, a Scottish election on the horizon, and very possibly another referendum, how long should they have waited? 

A few more days to source a better free voting app, a few more weeks to fully engage with every campaigner, a few more months to coordinate and communicate with every other group?

Waiting isn’t an option anymore. And our other options are running out as well. 

When it comes to this grassroots YES organisation – we have two choices. 

One. We pick apart the process and “call out” the individuals on the holding committee for all the things they: are/have said/have done or who they read/have shared a platform with, or how much their house cost. Ripping it apart before it has even begun.

Or two. We acknowledge those who took action when many of us didn’t. We challenge it, we offer our help and advice.

And when it is fully formed we make our decision.

If you want a movement that is perfect, you will wait and wait until the years pass you by.  I for one and not that patient.

Let’s move. Now.