March To Leave coverage is all about Nigel Farage

If you want media coverage for your event then just  follow the March to Leave template.

It has begun the “historic journey from Sunderland to London” A sodding Saturday afternoon and an approx 15 mile march to Hartlepool would only surely pull the most ardent of leave supporters on to a march.

And it has. Perhaps a few hundred people will make the journey today. And surely less will join tomorrow. The images circulating on line look terrible.

I have no doubt that there are millions of people who want to leave in the way this campaigns promotes, basically with a no deal. But organising a march in March to demonstrate that was pointless from the outset.  Unless of course you are all but guaranteed media coverage.

Like every event it should be designed to deliver an objective.  It is clear what the objective should be: organise something that would show the great number and incredible strength of feeling towards the “current Brexit betrayal” so that the media are compelled to show it as a act of democracy.

As you can see from any of the images posted online (from both those mocking and those promoting) it is poorly attended. The objective was to show the great strength of feeling against the “Westminster elite” so with such a low turnout it should therefore lead to a black out in terms of media coverage.

Out of the couple of hundred currently on the march perhaps, at best, there are 50 core marchers. Those are the ones really pissed off at the current Brexit process.  What an absolute shambles.

Owing to the tiny turnout, the organisers are likely now to argue it is not all about numbers. However, “we want to see as many people as possible joining the core marches” says the campaign video, and this shows that the objective was to have a large turnout.

Their “epic plan” has turned out to be the exact opposite. An epic failure.

From an event organisers perspective I’ve seen all this before. No doubt someone like Nigel Farage said “let’s organise a march” and no one said, Nigel, that’s a stupid idea.

The people running this campaign will have no event experience or if they do, they don’t have the authority to say, “think of something else because this isn’t going to work” So it happened. And it will be the disaster you’d expect.

And I bet behind the scenes it’s even worse. I await the social media updates from people saying “I was promised accommodation, food and support for my £50 but received a bacon sandwich and a can of pop” Or worse.

And how about the “whole series of mini events set to be announced” that are supposed to happen as part of the march. News Flash: there won’t be any.

So you have a poor turn out at poor event with those taking part complaining about the event. In every sense it has been a total non event. Unless. Unless……….

Unless the media play by a totally different set of rules for this “celebrity” event. Here’s the Guardian giving some air to the event as it starts off.  And Sky News too.

The rule for this event? Well,  if you have someone like Nigel Farage or Boris Johnson, someone deemed “newsworthy” you will get coverage of your appalling badly planned and executed event. The rule for other events? Well, If you have 100,00s on your march, and its just ordinary people, the main stream media will give it a wide berth.

When you plan an epic event and it turns out to be an epic failure don’t fret. All you have to do it have a media darling play one small part and your event will be a success. Our main stream media will make sure of that.

All bold and italics from the official March to Leave campaign video. 

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